Corporate and “Meet the experts” events: The winning strategy of 3-D Matrix

3-D Matrix continues to be focused on its events strategy with the aim of continuing to develop its presence in the ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat), and Cardiac clinical areas, boosting the penetration of PuraBond in these European markets.

The Company kicked off the Autumn in style, with a fantastic ENT event at The Ned (London) which took place in September and involved some of the most renowned international ENT and plastic surgeons such as Mr Mriganka De; Mr Shahz Ahmed and Prof Alwyn D’Souza; hosting about 40 healthcare professionals across the UK.

Enhancing the PuraBond event line-up, 3-D Matrix then held the "PuraBond: Advancing Beyond Haemostasis" Symposium in Milan for cardiac surgeons. This evening event, organised in the form of breakout panel sessions, brought together heart experts and heart surgeons from all over Europe. Among the speakers, Prof Roberto Di Bartolomeo and Prof Jean-Christian Roussel, who shared their experiences of using PuraBond in their procedures, highlighting the key features of the product; and Prof Jan Schmitto, Dr Christian Muñoz, Prof Rafael Astudillo and Prof Luca di Marco, who led the interesting region-specific Q&A sessions on PuraBond after the keynote presentations.

Concluding this season’s major PuraBond events for 3-D Matrix, we cannot omit to mention the latest ENT event organised in parallel with the 6th Congress of European Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (also sponsored by the Company).

The dinner event, held in Milan on the last 30th of October, in the enchanting location of the Chateau Monfort, featured interludes from several guest speakers, including Ms Mona Thornton, Mr Mriganka De, Mr Shahz Ahmed, and Mr Naik Paresh who shared their cases and best practices using PuraBond with their peers.

This series of corporate events are, for 3-D Matrix, part of a bigger growth project which also includes a focus on the local 'Meet the Expert' event series including: the PuraBond Irish ENT Meeting, taking place on the 14th of November at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin; and a series of Head and Neck regional courses which the Company is sponsoring across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

To take a look at the 3-D Matrix calendar and attend the upcoming events, click here.


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