3-D Matrix Summer Update 2023

3-D Matrix would like to wish you all a wonderful summer and take this opportunity to remind you that our service remains available as always during all summer months.

As a medical device company, we continue to provide our customers and partners with full service and support.

Should you need or require any information about our products, please send us an e-mail at infoeu@puramatrix.com or visit our contact page.

In the meantime, we invite you to follow the latest updates and all the news on our upcoming events on our social media channels and website.

In case you missed our update last time, we've prepared a summer reading list with the latest clinical updates to keep you busy while you are at the pool or the beach:

PuraStat - Gastrointestinal area: 

A Meta-Analysis Proves PuraStat Efficacy in Reducing Post-Procedural Delayed Bleeding after Endoscopic Resections of Gastrointestinal Lesions Harishankar G., Vohra, I., Sharma, N. and Puli, S.R. (2023)


Pilot Study Evaluating PuraStat’s Efficacy in Preventing and Controlling Bleeding During Walled-Off Pancreatic Necrosis Drainage: A Case Series Binda, C., Alessandro Fugazza, Fabbri, S., Coluccio, C., Repici, A., Tarantino, I., Anderloni, A. and Fabbri, C. (2023).


Promising new study evaluating safety and haemostatic efficacy in Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) for Post-Sphincterotomy bleeding Uba, Y., Ogura, T., Ueno, S., Okuda, A., Nishioka, N., Miyano, A., Yamamoto, Y., Bessho, K., Tomita, M., Nakamura, J., Hakoda, A. and Nishikawa, H. (2022).


PuraBond - Ears, Nose and Throat area: 

Intra-Operative PuraBond Haemostats: A Comparative Trial in Adult Tonsillectomy Michaels J., Patel N., Kaleva A., Bateman L., Wakelam O., Stephens J. Poster presented at BACO 2023, The British Academic Conference of Otolaryngology, February 14-17


Comparison between PuraStat and SurgiFlo as haemostatic agents used in oncologic Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) Sahota B., Khan M., Jeong B., Takhar A., Hodge J.C., Krishnan S., Foreman A. Poster presented at BACO 2023, The British Academic Conference of Otolaryngology, February 14-17


Evaluating the role of the self-assembling topical haemostat PuraBond in Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) for oropharyngeal cancer: A case series Gupta K.K., Garas G., Idle M., Germain S., De M. Annals of Medicine and Surgery, 80. 2023


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