Clinical Evidence on PuraStat’s Efficacy in the Treatment of Haemorrhagic Radiation Proctopathy: A Poster From ESGE 2023

Haemorrhagic chronic radiation proctopathy (RP) commonly occurs as epithelial damage to the rectum, caused by radiation therapy in patients treated for pelvic cancers.

There is still no “gold standard” treatment and common treatments have different efficacy levels and complication risks. ​Despite argon plasma coagulation of telangiectasia being a current choice, its long-term efficacy is uncertain, and side effects occur in up to 20% of patients (e.g., ulcers, strictures, etc). 

The poster Successful treatment of hemorrhagic chronic radiation proctopathy with a novel self-assembling peptide, presented at ESGE 2023, illustrates the case of a 75-year-old patient with a 30 mm large rectal ulcer with surrounding telangiectasia (treated 4 months post-radiation therapy). PuraStat was applied through a catheter, covering the whole surface of the ulcer and surrounding mucosa with telangiectasia.

The patient underwent 4 therapy sessions with PuraStat (at week 0 – 3 mL, week 3 – 4 mL, week 6 – 1 mL, week 12 – 1 mL). The symptoms and the telangiectasia improved at every session, and on week 24 rectoscopy revealed complete mucosal healingi.

From this perspective, PuraStat delivered endoscopically can be seen as a promising and low-risk treatment option, compared to some of the other standard treatment complications.

PuraStat’s safety and efficacy in RP patients were previously investigated and determined in the clinical study “Endoscopically delivered Purastat for the treatment of severe haemorrhagic radiation proctopathy: a service evaluation of a new endoscopic treatment for a challenging condition” by White, K. & Henson, C.C. (2020). 

Click here to read the full abstract. 

PuraStat’s recommended application techniques and further observations in RP are reported here.

i For application within GI, PuraStat is indicated for(1):
- Bleeding from small blood vessels and oozing from capillaries of the GI tract following surgical procedures and the surrounding tissues.
- PuraStat is also indicated for the reduction of delayed bleeding following gastrointestinal endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) procedures in the colon. 
(1) - PuraStat IFU-007 Rev-2

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