PuraStat shows its efficacy in achieving endoscopic haemostasis in postoperative anastomotic ulcers

A new interesting case report highlights the efficacy of PuraStat for achieving endoscopic haemostasis in anastomotic bleeding after ileocecal resection.

In the case described, the patient with chronic heart failure and a history of diabetes mellitus, underwent ileocecal resection of the cecal volvulus. After surgery, the patient was presented with haematochezia and the first emergency endoscopy revealed an oozing bleed from a circumferential anastomotic ulcer. Haemostasis was achieved by applying hemoclips to the visible blood vessels.

6 days later, a massive haematochezia recurred. Additional clips and sodium alginate were used to manage the bleed. The patient was readmitted for the third time due to recurring haematochezia and anemia. 3 mL of PuraStat was applied to the anastomotic ulcer by a delivery catheter and haemostasis was successfully achieved.


The patient has not presented haematochezia for 9 months since the last endoscopy.

Click here to read the article in full and watch the clinical study video.


Please read carefully PuraStat’s instructions for use, indications, and contraindications of the product1.

1PuraStat IFU-007 Rev 2 

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