Prof Di Bartolomeo Chairs 3-D Matrix Cardiac Symposium

On Thursday 14th October 2021, 3-D Matrix hosted a hybrid symposium, ‘Haemostasis in Cardiac Surgery’, moderated by Professor Roberto Di Bartolomeo (Italy). The event took place at the AC Hotel in Barcelona and online via Zoom. 

The agenda consisted of an exciting line up of presentations from Dr Jose Garrido (Spain), Dr Christian Munoz (Spain) and Dr Jacques Tomasi (France). Professor Di Bartolomeo opened the session with introductions of himself and his fellow presenters, briefly touching on his own 6 years of experience using PuraStat® and PuraBond. 

Dr Garrido initiated the presentations with a discussion on the vast range of haemostats in the market and the challenge that surgeons face in choosing the most suitable for their requirements. Dr Garrido explained that his choice to use PuraStat was due to its applications beyond haemostasis and its ease of use for daily operations. 

Dr Munoz followed with an in-depth exploration of the indications and correct application techniques of PuraStat and PuraBond, whilst sharing his own experiences of using the products in challenging cases. Key themes included the products’ haemostatic efficacy and lack of required preparation. 

Dr Tomasi closed the symposium by emphasising PuraStat’s and PuraBond’s ability to be used as adjuncts to suturing. He also delved into the importance of the synthetic composition, which adds reassurance when applying in tricky cases. 

Overall, the event was a huge success, with cardiac experts joining us from across EMEA and participating in a lively discussion about achieving effective haemostasis. 

To watch the recording, click here. 

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